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Replacement of LED Street Lamp on Century Avenue

Datetime: 2019-03-28 11:56:23    Views: 896

Recently, the reporter learned from the Daqing City Management Committee that the street lamp on Century Avenue has been replaced by LED street lamp by high-pressure sodium street lamp. This work is one of the measures taken by the City Management Committee in carrying out the action of "saving one-time electricity".

According to the staff of the municipal infrastructure project construction headquarters, 650W high-pressure sodium street lamps were used on both sides of Century Avenue. The new and upgraded street lamp uses the integrated 480W LED warm light source, which illuminates more evenly and emits brighter light. It can effectively eliminate the shadows at intervals. It can save 25% energy and increase the illumination by 38% compared with the old street lamp. That is to say, using the current three LED street lamps, the brightness can top the original four lights, achieving the effect of three enemies and four lights.

The Street Lamp Management Institute of the Municipal Urban Management Committee has also installed new energy-saving and energy-saving equipment such as street lamp economizer in the city"s road lighting, and installed remote monitoring system for road lamp and important lighting facilities in various districts, which has improved the management level of lighting facilities. At the same time, according to the requirements of the overall urban planning and urban lighting planning, the lighting lighting projects of new construction, expansion and reconstruction were strictly audited to ensure the lighting quality. The planning or construction can not meet the energy-saving needs have been rectified, and the illumination lighting system and facilities which do not conform to the planning and set up unreasonable in the urban area have been dismantled and reformed.

Reporters also learned that, according to the "city thrift and morality conservation action plan for the whole people", the Commission also carried out "resource recycling action" and "energy saving and benefit the people" relying on "saving one-time electricity" action. At present, the kitchen waste disposal plant with daily disposal scale of 150 tons and annual disposal capacity of feces of 5000 tons is under construction. In addition, the Municipal Street Lamp Management Institute also uses the way of reducing street lamp power in the middle of the night after each day to save energy.