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The idea of charging a car with street lights

Datetime: 2019-03-28 12:04:05    Views: 815

Tesla has not been widely used in China, besides the high price, there is no large charging station is also a reason. Household chargers take 8 or even 30 hours to overcharge. How can a car charge on a walk-on trip?

Tesla"s large charging station has not yet been built, and BMW has come up with a new idea - charging cars with street lights. Because the lamp post itself has power supply, it can be transformed into a charging station just by developing and refitting kits. This scheme combines charging points with existing facilities and reduces the trouble of finding new places to build charging stations.

Currently BMW has developed two LED street lamps with car charging interface, and has been experimented outside German headquarters. Beginning next year, BMW will be tested in the streets of Munich, Germany. As for charging charges, apparently they are handled through App.

But the road will be too crowded when the street lights are used to recharge it in the future? It is believed that BMW has a solution.