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What is the basis of LED street lamp standardization?

Datetime: 2019-03-28 12:06:39    Views: 877

Nowadays, governments all over the world have advocated replacing traditional street lamp with LED street lamp energy-saving renovation projects, and further promoted to the second and third cities. Then the "intelligent lighting" intervention strengthened the advantages of LED street lamp, enabling it to save 10-20% more energy on the original LED energy-saving technology, coupled with the help of EMC mode, accelerated the process of LED street lamp popularization.

Even so, its popularity has not been on schedule, especially this year, the speed of LED streetlights is significantly lower than expected, slowing down the growth rate. Affected by the objective factors such as the change of government and anti-corruption, or by the subjective factors such as LED street lamp technology and market price, the reporter of "New Century LED" interviewed Professor Liu Muqing, Department of Light Source and Lighting Engineering, Fudan University, to discuss the current situation and future development opportunities of LED street lamp.

Non-standard becomes the biggest bottleneck of LED street lamp

At present, road lighting is mainly high-pressure sodium lamp, and LED street lamp can not really replace it. In this regard, Liu Muqing said, from the technical level, compared with high-pressure sodium lamp, LED has more than one, such as the light efficiency of the whole lamp, LED street lamp can reach more than 100 lm/W, and high-pressure sodium lamp, even with lamps and ballasts, can only reach 60-70 lm/W at most, the light efficiency of LED has obviously exceeded high-pressure sodium lamp, and from the price cost point of view, LED is not much higher than high-pressure sodium lamp. Less.

However, Liu Muqing also admitted that although from the technical level, market prices, LED street lamps are not inferior to high-pressure sodium lamps, but its popularity still needs a process. Specifically, it can be said from the following three aspects:

First, the light efficiency of LED street lamp is higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamp, which is only for the technical level. In the market, at present, the LED industry is in the early stage of development, and there are more poor enterprises than good ones. This part of "poor students" will cause misunderstanding of LED street lights in the market: "LED street lights are not good".

Therefore, how to make people know and accept the LED street lamp still needs a process.

Second, with the accelerated development of the LED era, enterprises gradually realize the importance of product quality, and continue to develop to high quality, the overall market circulation product quality will be improved;

Third, standardization. The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp is simply composed of three parts: bulb, ballast and lamp shell. The lamp is the most vulnerable part. Its life span is about 1-2 years. Even if it is broken, its replacement is very convenient, because it is a standardized product and can replace any manufacturer"s lamp.

On the contrary, the specifications of LED street lamps vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Later replacement or maintenance products need to find the same manufacturer. Indirectly, LED street lamps become monopolized products bound by enterprises. Non-standardization of products is the biggest bottleneck in the road of LED street lamps. The establishment of standardization standards has become an urgent need for industrial development.

If the above problems are solved by LED street lamp, the high-pressure sodium street lamp will fade out of the market. According to the theory, the promotion of LED in road should be faster than indoor lighting, but due to the promotion of road lighting in the market has a certain inertia, and the above standardization problems, its popularization effect has not been as expected. "But I believe that one day street lights will be LED spring." Liu Muqing expressed his hope for the LED street lamp to the reporter of "New Century LED".

In recent two years, the concept of intelligent lighting has been integrated into the LED street lamp to add humanization. Liu Muqing pointed out that "while controlling street lamps, fire sensors, cameras, information display and even human-computer interaction systems can be added. On the one hand, local information can be transmitted to the monitoring office through the network through these sensors; on the other hand, a variety of data can be sent to the LED lamp through the monitoring center to transmit information.

Intelligent lighting is not only a lighting system, but also an information network and data system through a sense of light, which can collect, distribute and interact data. Generally speaking, intelligent lighting is equal to intelligent lighting plus intelligence based on lighting system, in a word, Liu Muqing.

As Liu Muqing said, in recent years, the application of intelligent control system in LED street lamp has increased gradually. Many street lamp enterprises at home and abroad have begun to devote themselves to the research and production of intelligent LED street lamp, such as Philips, GE, on-the-job photovoltaics, neutral and low-level photoelectronics, etc.