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Corruption case of multi-connected exposure LED street lamp

Datetime: 2019-03-28 12:05:44    Views: 851

The official micro-blogs of procuratorial organs in Gusu Xiangcheng and Kunshan have released news recently, investigating three persons in charge of two street lamp management institutes in Xiangcheng and Kunshan, and the bribery case of Wu Shuiling, the former head of Engineering Department of street lamp Management Institute of Hangzhou Electric Power Bureau, was recently tried in Jianggan District Court of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

"Behind the small street lamps, there are often tens of millions or even billions of huge investment." A person in the industry said that the daily renovation and protection of 100,000 street lamps in large and medium-sized cities, electricity expenditure, advertising rental and other aspects are huge discrepancies, from planning and bidding to acceptance and protection, each link has to spend money to dredge. While the luxurious street lights, which cost hundreds of millions of dollars, often bring down a group of "petty officials and huge corruption".

Reporter inquiries found that in recent years, street lamp management departments, originally considered as "Qingshui Yamen", have frequently committed corruption cases, which are worth millions of yuan. For example, Xu Yueming, the original account of Street Lamp Management Institute of Hangzhou Electric Power Bureau, corrupted 5.88 million yuan for street lamp electricity by one person; Shen Zhongbin, former director of Street Lamp Management Bureau of Jingmen City, Hubei Province, and Zhang Xiaojun, deputy director, jointly corrupted and paid more than 55 million yuan for bribery.

Street lamp corruption makes a village committee "end of the pot"

According to incomplete statistics, over the past two years, more than 30 cadres and staff of municipal administration, construction departments and township and village committees have been exposed to light corruption cases in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei and Jiangxi.

The court of Jianggan District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, found that Wu Shuiling, the former head of the Engineering Department of Street Lamp Management Institute of Hangzhou Electric Power Bureau, helped companies such as lamp sales and street lamp lighting to increase their purchasing and use of products from 2005 to 2013, or integrated the characteristics of products into tendering schemes to help them win bids smoothly, and paid 1.16 million yuan bribes and 1 gold bar with a value of more than 10,000 yuan. Wu Shuiling was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison at the first instance.

Wu Shuiling was bribed 900,000 yuan by Yu Mou, the head of a local decorative lighting company in Hangzhou. Wu Shuiling, who has the power to recommend and pre-qualify bidding companies, has become a key public relations target. Wu Shuiling confessed that he helped Yumou or related companies to round the bid. Whoever wins the bid eventually will be responsible for the construction of the project by Yumou.

Industry insiders said that with cities around the world competing to carry out "lighting project", more than 100 million luxury city street lamp construction projects are common in various places. At the same time, countryside around the country in the construction of new countryside to carry out "lighting project", although the investment is relatively low, but also a series of cases, nest cases of "moth" breeding, often "street lights built up, cadres fall down".

In Dongzhuangzi Village, Huailai County, Hebei Province, solar street lamps were installed in 2012. Five village cadres received more than 150,000 bribes from street lighting contractors. The members of village committees were simply "one pot end". Two villages in Fengrun District of Tangshan City are equipped with 195 solar street lamps. The ticket price of each street lamp is 5900 yuan, and the actual price is 4500 yuan. Of these, the difference of more than 200,000 yuan is divided by the village branch book and the village committee director of the two villages.

Street lamps costing nearly 10,000 yuan and contract prices of 20,300,000 yuan

Street lamp lighting project has certain professional and technical requirements in lighting brightness, coverage area, energy saving and other aspects. The use of raw materials is large, but the specifications and quality vary greatly. Therefore, many street lamp projects from initial planning to daily protection are easy to breed all kinds of "moths".

Make a high price and divide up the difference. Using the difference of data quality, raising the cost of supply and making profit from the difference become "public secrets" in the profession. Shen Zhongbin and Zhang Xiaojun of the Street Lamp Administration Bureau of Jingmen City, Hubei Province, adopted the registered shell company to make false supply contracts to raise the price of the goods. During the past four years, nearly 5 million yuan of the difference in the price of the goods was occupied, the largest of which was 2.3 million yuan in cash.

A professional supervisor of street lamp construction in Chongqing told reporters that after the installation of different original materials, street lamps generally do not show any difference in appearance, but the actual quality and price are quite different, the higher the luxury street lamp price, the greater the moisture content. For example, the unit price of LED street lamp with 1 watt power varies from 35 yuan to more than 20 yuan, the thickness of lamp pole cast iron and galvanized layer also have different specifications, the price difference between copper core and aluminium core cable is two or three times, "a street lamp with a cost of nearly 10,000 yuan can reach 230,000 yuan, among which the difference will be divided by the leaders, contractors and contractors layer by layer".

"With a little cultural element, you can declare"stereotyped planning", which is the underlying rule of dramatically raising street lamp quotations." Liu"s contractor told reporters that as long as early communication with the competent authorities is in place, cultural elements should be added to highlight local characteristics in street lamp planning, so that the company can "specially designed" landscape lamps in the name of high patents, planning fees and so on. Such street lamps are even "sky-high price", but the cost constitutes "reasonable" and it is difficult to find out the problems.

False increase of information, false list of electricity charges. In addition to road lighting, lamp poles, distribution boxes, there are buried underground cables, high electricity costs in daily use, from which relevant managers can find "do hands and feet" space. Pu Qianzhao, former director of Fugong County, Yunnan Province, colluded with suppliers in the construction of city street lamps. The four copper-core cables required for actual measurement were 4,000 meters, while the contract procurement reached 4,600 meters, and embezzlement of more than 100,000 yuan depending on the falsely reported 6,000-meter cables.

Hangzhou Electric Power Bureau Street Lamp Management Institute, which undertakes the protection and management of more than 150,000 street lamps in the urban area of Hangzhou, has a monthly expenditure of 7 million yuan to 9 million yuan on electricity alone. From 2007 to 2013, Xu Yueming used to tamper with bank statements.