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Prince of Saudi Arabia came to Changzhou to sign the cooperation agreement of LED street lamp

Datetime: 2019-03-28 12:04:59    Views: 824

King Harid of Saudi Arabia and his group of three people came to Changzhou, Jiangsu Province on December 22 for a three-day visit. On the morning of the 23rd, Fang Guoqiang, Vice Mayor of Changzhou City, met with Prince Harid and his delegation in the city administrative center.

Prince Harid and his delegation visited Guangbao East China Operating Center, a key Taiwanese-funded enterprise in Changzhou, and discussed energy-saving policies with Changzhou and relevant departments, and signed a cooperation agreement on LED street lamps. Fang Guoqiang hopes to carry out exchanges and cooperation with Arab countries at a higher level and in a wider field so as to achieve common development. Prince Harid hopes to promote cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Changzhou in a broader field and achieve cooperation in related projects in the oil and new energy industries.

During the regular period, Prince Harid and his delegation visited Guangbao Factory and Wujin Taihu Bay Resort Guanglin Street Lamp Project, and signed a cooperation agreement with Guangbao East China Operating Center to extend the market tentacle of Guangbao LED Street Lamp to Saudi Arabia and the Great Middle East market.

Prince Harid is currently a director of Kingdom Holdings, a company run by his father Alwalid Ben Talal. Founded in 1979, the company invests in banking, hotels, telecommunications, technology, construction, real estate, entertainment and high-end fashion industries. In 1993, the company began to participate in the media industry, and established a leading position in the media industry, with the time Warner, Hollywood Planet and other well-known international companies have cooperation.